Is This The Wettest Year On Record? -

Is This The Wettest Year On Record?

Not Yet...but 2008 is already the 4th wettest year on record for St. Louis. And we've been forecasting a slow moving system to trek across the area Thursday bringing about 0.5" to 1.0" of rain and then a few light showers on Friday that might add up to 0.1". So we expect the yearly precipitation total to climb over the next couple of days.

Below is where we stand right now in the record books for the wettest year in St. Louis:

1) 54.97" (1982)
2) 54.76" (1993)
3) 51.65" (1984)
4) 50.91" (2008) (as of Wednesday 10/22)
The official weather service records for St. Louis go back to 1870.

This means if the year were to end today, 2008 is already a top 5 wettest year on record. But with a couple more months to go before the end of the year, we're well on our way to nab this dubious record. Although we haven't had a LOT of rain recently, it's easy to recall the three flooding events of the year where local rivers pushed levees to the brink on rivers like the Mississippi River, the Meramec River, the Cuivre River, the Black River, the Missouri River and others. And we had the remnants of not one, but two hurricanes (Gustav and Ike) move through in the late Summer producing heavy rainfall which pushed our yearly total further up in the record books.

We'll keep you updated on this record. In the meantime have the umbrella ready for Thursday as rain is likely and keep it handy just in case as a few showers are still possible on Friday.

Templeton Out!

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