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Fall Foliage Peak

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, we're probably experiencing the peak of the Fall Foliage in the St. Louis area. But I checked an update from Alton and as of October 23rd the Alton area leaf change was at 40%. If we are experiencing the peak of Fall foliage in the St. Louis area, this is just the beginning as the majority of Oak trees are still changing colors. For more details from the Missouri Department of Conservation, click here.

Some leaves have been a casualty of recent rain and wind and the very windy conditions on Sunday (Oct. 26th) will bring down even more leaves. I'm expecting sustained winds during Sunday afternoon and evening around 15 to 25 mph and gusts could reach 35 mph.

So, Sunday morning might be a good time to enjoy the Fall colors and we hope enough leaves are left after the winds die down by Tuesday for us to enjoy the rest of the peak in colors.

Here's some helpful links if you're planning a drive to check out the colors:

Templeton Out!

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