Tips To Protect Plants From Freezing Temps. -

Tips To Protect Plants From Freezing Temps.

Tonight we will see temperatures below feezing, but before you know it the highs will be in the 60s to near 70 toward the end of the week. So, you may want to try and save some tender outdoor plants from the freeze since it will be nice later in the week.

I'm no garden expert, in fact I like to say I have a black thumb, but I did some research for you green thumbs out there and perhaps you'll find a tip you didn't know about.

-If you cover plants, don't use plastic as the first layer it may freeze to the plant.

-Mulching can be effective, and the mulch can even be from the fallen leaves in your yard. Click here for more on that.

-Watering the plants the day before or morning before a freeze can be helpful, as the cold will severely dry out plants and make them more susceptible to cold injury. However, I've been reading from a few sites online that overwatering or sprinkling the leaves of the plant with water the night before the freeze is not a good idea. Click here for more, it's near the bottom of the page.

Click below for some helpful links on protecting plants from a hard freeze.

I hope this helps,

Templeton Out!

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