Best Weekend For Fall Foliage -

Best Weekend For Fall Foliage

Kent was just saying today that this weekend could end up being the best for viewing the Fall Colors. It's obvious by looking at the pictures below (taken Friday from the Arch grounds) that the trees are showing some fantastic color. Despite the fact that some trees are still green, this weekend offers some abnormally mild weather to take a drive in the convertible or on the bike to check out the Fall Colors.

This weekend highs will be about 10 to 15 degrees above normal, right around 70 to 75 during the afternoon. While we'll see some cloud cover, especially Saturday, it will be a mainly dry weekend without any significant wind gusts. But early next week the winds will pick up, which often helps to take some leaves down. Plus, we expect rain by late next week. And behind this front late next week is some cold air that should last through next weekend when highs could be in the 50s, maybe even colder.

Because of the forecast next week for wind, rain and then cold, this mild weekend just might be the best time to enjoy the Fall colors. Enjoy!

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