Thanksgiving looks good , however... -

Thanksgiving looks good , however...

I think it's reasonable to expect chilly weather on Thanksgiving day. Last year it was in the mid 60s on Wednesday but on Thanksgiving day the high was only 38 degrees. This year we've been enjoying a nice mild trend that should continue through the holiday. Look for highs in the mid 50s Thursday and back down to the mid 40s on Friday.

Then there's the weekend.

The 4 Warn Storm team has been tracking a complex set of elements that will be taking shape this weekend. Rather than attempt to explain all the complicated details I'll just say that there is alot of uncertainty with this weekend forecast. A number of solutions could occur.

As of this Wednesday evening Steve Templeton and I have settled on this forecast. We think most of the precipitation will miss us on Saturday. There will be rain to our south by Saturday evening. On Sunday it will be cold and windy with highs only in the mid 30s! There will probably be some light snow flurries blowing around. There is also a chance that we could see the first accumulating snows of the season over parts of southern Missouri and Illinois. Then again maybe not.

As this system evolves we will have a better handle on the likely outcome. Stay tuned to News 4 and over the next few days for updates.

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