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Weekend Weather, Chance For Snow?

It's not a big storm, but there is indeed a chance for falling snow this weekend. I say "falling" because I don't expect much if any accumulation, though a dusting is possible in the St. Louis area. But this storm system will not arrive until Saturday night into Sunday.

You can check out the latest on demand video forecast explaining how this storm will impact your weekend on the right hand side of our weather page, click here.

But I wanted to explain why we may see snow this weekend eventhough the temperature will be above freezing near the ground. This will happen because aloft, where the snow originates, the temperature is below freezing. As the snowflakes fall they encounter the air near the ground that is above freezing. If this warm layer of air near the ground is shallow enough (and we think it will be), the snow will not have time to melt completely. The end result is snowfall with temperatures around 35 to 38 degrees.

If the above freezing layer of air near the ground is NOT shallow, it allows time for the snow to melt on it's way down. That would result in rain.

So, if the cold air aloft doesn't arrive when we're expecting it, we could see more rain or rain/snow mix Sunday. An update to the timing of the cold air could change the forecast for Sunday, so it's something we need to watch for closely. But right now I'd expect a mix to change to light snow or Flurries on Sunday afternoon or evening.

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Templeton Out!

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