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Rain, Snow & A Winter Car Kit

Wednesday will bring us a chance for rain and perhaps as early as the evening commute some snow may mix in as well. In the evening we may see it turn to all snow briefly before the moisture moves out and we're left with a few flurries in the evening. Because this will be a brief snow and because pavement temperatures will be above freezing, there will be little to no accumulation. If any accumulation occurs it will be less than an inch and on grassy spots, with a better chance for accumulation North of the St. Louis metro.

But cold air will pour in behind this system giving us a chilly Thursday and Friday. All this winter weather got me thinking, what if my car breaks down?

Here's some things I was thinking I should make sure I have:

-Bring my cell phone and make sure I have a charger in the car in case the battery dies when my car breaks down (my luck).

-Ice scraper

-Small or Collapsible Shovel (I used this once to shovel snow out from under my tires to get some traction.)

-Sand,or something to get you traction. I think they make these orange fold up boards that help with this too. I saw some at target the other day, but didn't investigate it).

-Booster cables

-A bag with an old jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, sweatshirt and blanket. (I often forego my jacket if it's a quick trip, so this stuff could come in handy if you have to walk to a gas station or change a tire in the elements).

There's more you can add to this list, like food, water,, a flashlight, a candle, and first aid kit. But it's something to think about now before these breif snows lead up to the inevitable snow storm.

Templeton Out!

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