Bad Timing -

Bad Timing

The moment we've all been waiting for is almost here. On Monday, December 15 Interstate 64/Highway 40 is scheduled to re-open from I-270 to I-170. Now if the weather will just cooperate.

As we head toward the weekend we look forward to a nice warm-up. A brief set-back on Friday as a weak clipper pushes through with a chance for a few flurries. After that it gets windy and mild on Saturday. Sunday looks mild too but there is a chance for a few showers. After that we may be headed downhill.

As of this evening (Wednesday) several models are showing a cold front moving through here early next week. Yesterday the models showed the front retreating, keeping us in the warm air and rain. But now the steering flow is forecast to be more zonal or west to east. That would keep the front very near us which, this time of year, is not a good thing.

If the cold air settles in over us and the front stalls near us or just to our south the warm, moist air may overrun the dense cold air. In these situations the result is often freezing rain. If the pattern persists for a couple of days then we could be in for a prolonged event. But as we've seen so many times before alot can happen between now and next week. If this pattern sets up 50 miles north or south of the forecast position we could see a completely different solution.

Bottom line: we're keeping a very close eye on this developing situation and the impact, if any, it could have on the opening of the highway. In fact there's already been an impact as the DOT has decided to move up some of the closings in anticipation of the approaching storm.

Stay tuned...

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