Impending Doom -

Impending Doom

As if the Monday morning commute isn't threatening enough with the I-64/Hwy 40 ordeal - how 'bout we throw down some ice to make it interesting. We're still on track for a rain to ice to snow storm early next week. As usual I'm seeing some variance from model run to model run but there is enough consistancy to warrent the hype.

As of Friday evening at 9:30 I'm still not convinced that the temperature Monday morning will be below freezing but there is certainly a chance. It does appear likely that we will have precipitation Monday morning and if it's cold enough there will be ice. It also appears likely that temperatures will be falling during the day Monday so even if we luck out with rain Monday morning - freezing rain, sleet and or snow are probable as the day wears on.

Bottom line: Get a weather update before you go to bed Sunday night and know what to expect come Monday morn. It could be fun.

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