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If Dan Rather Had To Give This Forecast...

He'd say something like "This seven-day forecast has more twists and turns that the Tilt-A-Whirl at the State Fair!"

The progressive weather pattern setting up across the United States will throw some fast-paced ups and downs in our direction over the next seven days. The rapid changes can be hard to keep up with, so let's break down the week ahead...

Today (Thursday)
Cool weather continues, but at least we can soak up some sunshine! Crystal clear blue skies will dominate over much of Missouri and Illinois today. It's tough to find much to complain about. Even these "cool" temperatures in the mid 30s are actually very normal for this time of year. Today's average high is 37 degrees. It could be worse -- the record low on this date is 7 below zero!

Big warm-up! Winds out of the south will push the mercury to about 50 degrees in the afternoon. That's nearly 15 degrees above normal for mid-January! We'll be watching a sharp cold front approach from the west, and you'll notice increasing cloudiness through much of the day. As the front arrives from Friday evening and into the night, spotty areas of rain could develop. Don't worry about hauling the umbrella around with you until after 6:00 PM.

We'll quickly learn why these things are called "cold fronts". On the back side of Friday night's front, winds will turn out of the north and northwest, sending temperatures into a tailspin. There might even be a few pockets of light snow Saturday morning as the colder air pours into the Midwest. Temperatures will start in the 30s early in the day, but drop into the 20s as the hours tick by. Combine the colder weather with gusty winds, and you've got yourself a raw day!

A ridge of high pressure will briefly build into our area, helping to temporarily clear the sky. It looks like temperature will rebound nicely after a cold Saturday. We should be able to climb to near 40 degrees in the afternoon.

More clouds and another chance of light snow as a broad cold front slides across the Mississippi River Valley. We'll hit highs in the mid 30s, but the temperatures will drop quickly Monday night as cold Canadian air plunges southward.

The coldest day of the next seven! Temperatures will be in the teens and 20s all day with a bone-chilling wind out of the north and northwest. We'll have to keep a close eye on the wind chill here. Mostly cloudy skies will keep the sunshine from helping. "Old Man Winter" will rear his ugly head for about 24 hours.

We'll start the day with cold temperatures from the upper single digits to the lower teens, but we should be able to warm into the lower 30s. Once again, there is a chance of light snow -- I know, what else is new?

To see our very latest forecast update, check out our seven day forecast online. Every time we make a change to the seven day forecast, it is automatically sent to the weather section of KMOV.com.

Stay with KMOV.com and News4 for continuing coverage of this "Tilt-A-Whirl" weather pattern. My apologies to Dan Rather.

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