Arctic Outbreak -

Arctic Outbreak

Thursday evening in the Storm Center. Our low temperature at Lambert, St. Louis International Airport was 0 degrees this morning. Man that's cold. The coldest temperature in 8 years in St. Louis! The last time we were this cold was on January 2, 2001. Now the bad news, I expect it to be even colder on Friday morning. But the good news is the wind chill will not be as bad. My forecast low for Friday is -1 with wind chills of 0 to -10. The last time we were below 0 was back in 1999.

Here are low temperatues recorded by our Live Weather Bug Network on Thursday morning:

-2 Fenton, MO.
-2 Chesterfield, MO.
-1 Rolla, MO.
-1 St. Charles, MO.
0 St. Louis, MO.
0 Edwardsville, IL.
0 Centralia, IL.

As bad as it is here it's alot worse to our north. Temperatures in Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and northern Illinois have been well below 0 with winds chills of -40 or worse! We have a nice warm-up to look forward to this weekend so hang in there.

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