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Where's The Snow?

Where's The Snow?
People have been asking that since we haven't had a whole lot of snow so far. Through January 21st we've had 4.1" which is far less than the 11.4" of normal snowfall through this point in the season. But snow can come in bunches and there is a lot of Winter left. In fact, last year through January 21st we had 7.4" of snow, most of which came down all at once from a storm in mid December.

In fact, all it would take is one good snow storm to put us on track for normal snowfall. So, let's see if there's any snow in the near term forecast.

The Forecast
This week and this weekend look dry and quiet (just getting much colder). But Monday and Tuesday a storm could bring some snow accumulation. That's day 5 and 6 in the 7 day forecast, so while it's something to watch, it wouldn't be wise to try and get too specific with the details. In our experience the finer details of a storm system tend to change wildly from day to day when you're this far out. With that in mind, it looks like Monday afternoon or evening through Tuesday morning we could get some accumulating snow. Some sleet may mix in too, though right now that looks more likely South of St. Louis.

We're only a little more than half way through the snow season, so we'll keep you posted on anything that comes our way.

Templeton Out!

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