Accumulating Snow & Sleet On The Way -

Accumulating Snow & Sleet On The Way

The St. Louis area is abuzz over what will almost certainly be our most significant winter storm of the season so far. We're closely monitoring a storm system as it develops to our southwest. So, how will this play out in your area?

Let's look at this in stages...

*This Afternoon
Cloudy skies and cool weather will dominate, but most of us will still be waiting for the snow through the afternoon. Expect temperatures to climb only into the lower and middle 20s.

This storm system will really get cranking during the later hours of the day. Look for snow to rapidly develop across our area from west to east between 6:00 PM and Midnight. It won't take long to accumulate thanks to the cold air and ground temperatures. The precipitation will start in the form of snow across most of our area.

*Tuesday Morning
Snow will continue, but sleet will mix with the snow in some spots. Northwest of metropolitan St. Louis, this will likely be an all-snow-all-the-time event, but from the metro area to the south, sleet may occasionally mix in from time to time. The southernmost part of the News4 viewing area needs to be on the lookout for the possibility of some freezing rain as well. A glaze of ice up to 1/3" thick can't be ruled out for places south of Farmington (Iron and Reynolds counties, for example).

*Tuesday Afternoon
The snow/sleet combo will slowly taper off and come to an end, although there is some indication that a second surge of snow and sleet might occur from the mid-afternoon into the evening. Regardless, the accumulating wintry precipitation should be coming to an end during the afternoon hours.

*The million dollar question -- How much do we get?
These numbers could change a bit as the storm system approaches, but here's my latest thinking. Metropolitan St. Louis should receive somewhere between 3 and 7 inches of mainly snow with some sleet mixed in. Areas to the north and west of a Warrenton, MO to Litchfield, IL line should see a bit less, probably in the 2 to 4 inch range. Areas south and east of St. Louis are expected to receive about the same amount of snow as the metro area, but with the added possibility of some freezing rain south of Farmington.

This storm system will rapidly take shape through the afternoon hours today (Monday), so please check back with and News4 frequently for updates.

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