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A Taste Of Early Spring!

Well, we've lowered the high on Thursday from 50 to 45, but that's still much warmer than today's 25! And it gets warmer Friday and Saturday with highs in the 50s. In fact, right now we've got Saturday's high at 58, so I checked the climate data to see when we normally see a high around 58. It's about March 22nd, which is right around the Spring Equinox. So, in early February we truly will get a taste of early Spring temperatures.

The nice part of this warm up, is that it lasts into next week. A cold front knocks the temperature down a bit Sunday with a high in the upper 40s, but then highs get back into the 50s early next week.

Now, if you're planning your weekend there will be a few sprinkles at times Saturday and then a few rain showers on Sunday. But I don't see it raining all day, so it will be rather hit or miss showers.

Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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