Two Rounds Of Rain On The Way -

Two Rounds Of Rain On The Way

We're closely watching a storm system to our west that is gaining strength and heading this way. Because of this storm's large size, we're expecting two rounds of wet weather as it moves across the Midwest. Round 1 will arrive this (Monday) afternoon, with a heavier round 2 late Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Let's take this day by day...

Warm and gusty winds out of the south will push temperatures into the mid 60s this afternoon, but keep your umbrella close. I'm expecting rain to arrive this afternoon, and possibly stick around long enough to impact the evening rush hour. Light to moderate rain is expected, with a few rumbles of thunder possible. Our entire viewing area should be dry by bedtime tonight.

We work into an extended dry break, and this allows temperatures to soar. Thanks to breezy south winds, we're counting on highs near 70! Expect partly cloudy skies, but very little in the way of wet weather.

Tuesday Night & Wednesday
Round 2 arrives! Be on the lookout for heavy rain and a few strong storms moving in from the south late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Severe thunderstorms always pose an increased risk during the overnight hours as many people don't have advanced notice of the approaching threat. It's time to dust off your weather radio and put it on the nightstand before you go to bed Tuesday night. This second round looks heavier and longer-lasting than the first, so on top of the risk of severe storms, we'll also be watching for localized flooding. The rain should come to an end Wednesday afternoon.

We're also tracking two more quick-moving storm systems that, as of now, appear to be on track to impact our area Friday and Sunday. Thursday and Saturday are looking dry. These two other systems could bring a mix of rain and snow as they pass us by, so we'll be keeping close tabs on them. For now, our focus is on the first half of the work-week. Stay with and News4 for the latest developments, and if you're on the go, use your phone or mobile device to check the weather at

-Matt in the 4Warn Storm Center

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