Cold For The Mardi Gras Parade -

Cold For The Mardi Gras Parade

Kent and I have been talking during our weathercasts how this year's Mardi Gras Parade (Saturday the 21st) is going to be bitterly cold. I'm not talking "It's February, of course it's cold" type weather, no this will be colder. This will be more like the Mardi Gras from two years ago, about 15 degrees below normal, windy and flurries. Take a look at our current forecast compared to the normals for this Saturday.

Normal high= 46

This Saturday:
11AM Parade: 28, wind chill 13 to 20, Light snow or flurries.
Afternoon High: 34, wind chill 20 to 25, Blustery with Flurries.

Early Saturday morning snow showers have a chance to leave light accumulations, though it's a bit early to pin down a range if any at all. But by the parade time accumulation should be done with, though light snow or flurries are still possible.

Despite the cold, Soulard will still bring 'em in. Stay warm and enjoy! We'll keep you posted as we make tweaks to the temperature forecast and in particular to that light snow chance.

-Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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