Tornado Drill In Illinois -

Tornado Drill In Illinois

If you live in Illinois you may hear the tornado sirens go off on Tuesday March 3rd around 10:00 AM. It's only a drill!. This is severe weather awareness week in Illinois and it's a great time to think about your severe weather plan. You hear us mention this every year, but it really helps to know exactly where to go in the case of a severe storm or tornado. The key part is that it helps eliminate the "thinking" part of it, so that you can just act quickly.

Below I'll post that will give you tornado safety tips and not just for the ordinary home with a basement, but also for people who live in a high rise building or for when you're at the mall or even a hospital.

Also, A tornado drill will occur in Missouri on Tuesday March 10th around 1:30 PM. However, you may have heard the sirens already this week. That's because St. Louis tests the warning sirens on the first Monday of every month around 11:00 AM (depending on the weather).

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