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Update...Seven Confirmed Tornadoes

Another five tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service storm damage survey from Randolph and Washington counties in Illinois. This is still preliminary results, but it brings the total tornadoes from Sunday's storms to seven (1 in Greene county and 1 in Macoupin county in Illinois detailed in the previous blog).

Here's the breakdown of the five tornado damage paths just surveyed by the National Weather Service.

1) Location: Prairie, IL in Randolph county. It is currently rated an EF1 (86-110 mph) and did roof damage to 3 homes.

2) Location: 1 mile South of Grigg, IL to 1 mile West of Baldwin, IL. It is currently rated an EF1 (86-110 mph) and did destroyed 2 mobile homes along with trees snapped.

3) Location: 1 mile East Northeast of Baldwin, IL to 4 miles West Southwest of Tilden, IL. It is currently rated an EF0 (65-85 mph) and removed the roof to a cinder block outbuilding and several trees and branches snapped.

4) Location: 5.5 miles West Southwest of Oakdale, IL to 1 mile West Northwest of Oakdale, IL. Currently rated an EF2 (111-135 mph) and 2 large double-poled wooden high tension towers snapped at the base along with numerous trees snapped.

5) Location: 2.5 miles West Southwest of the entrance to Washington County Conservation area on Illinois highway 127 to 0.4 miles North of the entrance. Currently rated an EF0 (65-85 mph) and many trees and branches were snapped.

These results were the hard work of meteorologists from the National Weather Service spending time in the field analyzing the damage and speaking to witnesses.

Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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