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Flood Outlook

It's looking like normal flooding has a good chance of happening, but excessive flooding does not appear likely. By "excessive" I mean river levles reaching near those all time record highs. So that's comforting.

The National Weather Service has issued an updated flood outlook which is a forecast for what to expect for the next 3 months or so concerning river flooding in our area. This outlook takes into account the snowpack up North, which isn't as extensive as last year. But keep in mind that last year some of our record floods came after the Spring. For instance, along the Mississipp in Grafton we saw the 4th highest crest on record in late June. And We saw the remnants of not one but two hurricanes bring the area heavy rain in September (From Gustav and Ike). So, while the Spring outlook is comforting, we'll have to see if it pans out and what the Summer months bring us as well.

Thanks to Hydrologist Mark Fuchs at the National Weather Service for putting together the Spring Flood Outlook. Here's the link below...

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