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Do You Like Dirtbikes.

Okay I know this is off-topic but it's 11:45 on Friday night and I STILL haven't been on the air yet so I'm exercising my right to blog about whatever I want.

Many of you know that Supercross is my favorite spetator sport. The best riders in the world are in town this weekend at the Dome and I'm super stoked! This is one of the closest and most exciting series ever and the St. louis round is going to be awesome. Jason Lawrence, one of the sports most controversial and fastest riders is showing enough speed to run with James Stewart and Chad Reed. But the big buzz surrounds the return of Travis Pastrana. He designed this years track and this will be his first race since 2006.

This should be epic. See you at the Dome Saturday. I'll be there all day. If you're a real fan come out ot Archview MX Park in Washington Park, Illinois (I-64 and Il. Rt 111) on Sunday. I plan to break out the gear and get some laps in. There are rumors that some of the pros will be there too. Best weekend of the year for me!

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