Storms & Wind - Must Be Spring! -

Storms & Wind - Must Be Spring!

We're less than a full week into Spring, but a whopper of an early spring storm has fully developed across the middle of the country. Take a look by clicking here.

Ahead of this storm, winds could gust into the 40-50 mile-per-hour range. A wind advisory is in effect today until 7 PM. It's time to make sure the patio furniture, the grill, and the trash can are all anchored or brought inside.

Now, to the storm forecast. There is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms across our area this afternoon and this evening...

The greatest threat with any severe storms that do develop today will be strong (possibly damaging) winds. Heavy rain is also a possibility, with many areas expected to receive between 1 and 1.5 inches. Of course, lightning is also a concern with this kind of storm system.

What about the timing? We're not expecting more than a few passing showers through the morning, but be on the lookout for stronger storms from around 2:00 PM (western side of the viewing area) until about 9:00 PM (exiting the eastern side of the viewing area). This timing puts the heaviest rain and the strongest storms in the St. Louis metropolitan area anytime from around 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM.

By the way, just a eminder that in times of severe weather, you can find our weather updates everywhere! We'll be on News4,, (for those who want to check radar, forecast data, SkyCams, etc. from their phone or other mobile device), and at

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