Weather Pattern Brings Rain Chances -

Weather Pattern Brings Rain Chances

We're going to have a rain chance Tuesday morning, then again Thursday and then again Sunday. What's happening is that a pattern of flow is setting up that will drive low pressure rain producing systems from the Northwest down into the Southern Plains states and then East across the Midwest.

The first low misses us well to the North tomorrow, but the cold front sweeps in producing rain in the morning. Most of this will be showers though a few rumbles of thunder are possible. By tomorrow afternoon it dries out and the sun comes out.

On Thursday we expect just showers and they may begin in the late morning, but most of the rain moves through Thursday afternoon and evening.

We get a 2 day break before storms develop from the third low pressure system. It's difficult to pin down the timing of Sunday's rain this far out, but it appears like it could be in the morning and afternoon, but . Timing the rain on systems six days out can change quite a bit so, check back with us for updates as we get close to the weekend.

Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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