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Want Warmer Weather?

Today someone asked me "when's it gonna warm up?". I told him 76 tomorrow is warmer, but he then asked when we'll hit the 80s. I did some checking, and we've only had four days with highs in the 80s since April 1st this year. So, I understand why he's anxious for more of that heat (Although I personally love 72 and sunny).

So, I figured there's more people like him wondering when the warmer 80s return. I just don't see it happening through this Mother's Day Weekend. If anything the highs this weekend will be a bit cooler near 70.

However, the overall weather pattern is hinting at a very warm set up for Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I think we have a good shot at highs in the 80s by the middle of next week.

On top of that, we're inching closer to the date when the normal high for St. Louis is 80 or higher. That would be May 26th. Of course, daily weather can be far from normal. So, we'll keep you posted on the ups and downs of our weather, but keep an eye on mid to late next week for our next warm up to the 80s.

Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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