Hottest Day Of The Year -

Hottest Day Of The Year

Hard to believe we didn't have any 90 degree temperatures in May, but on Monday, June 1st we hit 92 which is the hottest of the far. What's interesting is that while we should be near 90 again Tuesday, the bottom then falls out.

Highs may not reach 70 on Wednesday and we could be near record lows by Thursday morning!

What's happening?
It's a combination of a cold front passing Wednesday morning and the showers and overcast skies Wednesday. The cold front is the leading edge of some sharply cooler temperatures. That alone would be enough to knock our highs to the mid 70s Wednesday. But we expect off and on rain with cloudy skies as well. And that thick cloud cover should knock the high down to the upper 60s.

Then, by Thursday morning the skies clear. Clear skies at night typically lead to cool conditions as the relatively "warm" air near the earth rises up and leaves our surface temperatures cooler. With clouds at night, some energy is re-directed back to earth. But without those clouds, we should see temperatures drop to near 50 by Thursday morning. The record low is 47.

But sunshine Thursday will help as temperatures moderate and slowly warm the rest of the week.

I'll update this blog with new forecast numbers tomorrow. From the above, you can see that the cloud cover forecast will be a major player in the temperature forecast. I'll keep you posted.

Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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