How Much Rain This Year? -

How Much Rain This Year?

Although it has been soggy in the past week or so, we're 0.24" below normal for precipitation on the year so far. But I checked the climate database and since May 25th we've had 6 of 10 days recording .10" or more at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. And from May 25th to June 3rd there was 3.98" of rain at St. Louis Lambert. That's more than the monthly normal rainfall from the whole month of June and we had it come down in a little over a week.

But when you consider the entire month of April and May we're only about 13% above normal. Compare that to last year, when we were 871% above normal! Of course last year was unusual since it was the wettest year on record in St. Louis.

Bottom line: It has been soggy recently, but overall rainfall is not excessive and rather near normal for the year.

Steve Templeton

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