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A "Cool" Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There may be some much-needed relief from this unusual heat wave soon.

First of all let me explain the unusual part. If you've lived in St. Louis for any length of time you know that sccessive days of 90+ temperatures is nothing unusual here in the Summer. But normally these heat waves take place in July and August. The longest successive 90+ heat wave is 28 days long! (it ended on July 30, 1936).

So when will it break? After blistering heat on Saturday - we could hit 100 - slightly cooler air will tryto slide into St. Louis beginning Sunday. This time of year it is very difficult to say just how much cooler that air will be. But it certainly looks a little cooler Sunday and we may even drop below 90 the first part of next week. Good news right? Except for the fact that the hottest part of the year may still be ahead of us.

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