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Wet & Cool 4th -- Did We Set Any Records?

With a high temperature of only 77 degrees, and an official rainfall total of 1.78", July 4th of 2009 goes into the books as the 10th coolest Independence Day in recorded St. Louis history, and the 2nd wettest too! Reliable records date back to the mid 1870s, by the way.

St. Louis received a little additional rainfall on Sunday as well, bringing the total for the holiday weekend to 1.86". Some areas to the west and south were quite a bit wetter. Hermann, MO, racked up a weekend rain total of 4.80", and Union found 4.92" in their rain gauge. Arnold and Pacific both received nearly 3.5", with Washington topping 4".

The list of impressive rainfall totals from the weekend goes on and on. If you'd like to see all the numbers, just click here for a full listing from the local National Weather Service office.

-4Warn Meteorologist Matt Chambers

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