Great week to see the Shuttle and Space Station over St. Louis -

Great week to see the Shuttle and Space Station over St. Louis

There will be several times where you can see the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station in the night sky without a telescope for the next week or more. Skies may cloud up a bit in the afternoon this weekend, but I'm hoping for some breaks in the clouds in the evening to make for a decent viewing of the shuttle and ISS. You may even need a jacket at night as it will be rather cool for July.

Click here for the specific dates and times

How to read the information on that link?
From left to right, it will list the specific date and time the object is visible in the sky. Then it lists how long it's visible. Here's the info that's a bit odd if you're not used to reading it. Max elevation simply means how high in the sky above the horizon the object will max out. For instance, a max elevation of 10 degrees from the horizon is rather low in the sky. The next data shows you where in the sky to start looking and how far above the horizon to look. The last piece of information shows you where you'll end up looking as you follow the shuttle or ISS just as it disappears from sight.


Steve Templeton

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