Hot Weekend Ahead -

Hot Weekend Ahead

We're looking at some heat this weekend that we haven't experienced in over a month. As of Thursday, here's my forecast highs and the heat index:

Saturday: 97 Peak Heat Index: 104
Sunday: 97 Peak Heat Index: 104
Monday: 95 Peak Heat Index: 103

There is a slight chance of storms Monday and a better chance Tuesday. This chance of rain and at the very least an increase in clouds, should knock our high temperatures down a bit. But looking at the pattern for next week, it looks to be near normal highs which is 90. Though some days will be cooler if the rain hits. But it's this weekend that the most intense heat will be in place.

The hottest temperature of the year so far is 98 on June 27th. Also, in June we had 7 days in a row with high temperatures 94 or higher. But this upcoming heat spell will be 3 days in a row, so not as long as earlier in the season.

We've been adjusting these temperatures slightly each day and will continue to make tweaks as needed. So click here for the latest 7-day forecast to see what's new in the forecast update.
Steve Templeton

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