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'Tis The Season... For Seasonal Allergies

Check out this morning's edition of "Mornin' Matt" here on KMOV.com. It's a daily web video feature that we shoot somewhere in or around KMOV, usually at about 8:15 AM. It's normally posted to our website sometime in the mid- to late-morning hours.

Today, we talked about seasonal allergies. Have you been dealing with watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, or even a scratchy throat? If so, and you think it might be related to seasonal allergies, then you're probably sensitive to ragweed and mold. Those are the only two measured allergens that are running high right now.

I promised to supply "Mornin' Matt" viewers with a link to the daily allergy report from the St. Louis County Health Department. Well, here it is. Once there, click on today's date (or the most recent date available). Bookmark that page, and check back frequently when the "stuff" in the air is giving you a hard time. Before long, you'll know exactly which allergens give you grief, and which others you hardly notice at all.

Kudos to St. Louis County Health on this one! The list of allergens is extensive, and the page is easy to use. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, this one should be on your list of favorites.

(Fellow Allergy Sufferer)

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