Summer Stats Are In, How Cool Was It? -

Summer Stats Are In, How Cool Was It?

It was the 48th coolest Summer on record. That may not sound remarkable (and it's not) considering that we had the 8th coolest July on record. However, you have to think way back to June when we had a pretty good hot spell that helped push our Summer average temperatures up this year. In fact, June was the 28th warmest on record.

Average Mean Temperature
June: 2.1 degrees above normal
July: 4.6 degrees below normal
August: 1.8 degrees below normal

Summer: 1.4 degrees below normal (tied for 48th coolest)

June: 2.66" above normal
July: 0.30" above normal
August: 0.50" below normal

Summer: 2.46" above normal

By the way, when it comes to climate stats, meteorologists consider "Summer" to be June, July and August rather than follow the varying dates of the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. It makes for more consistency among climate stats.

Meteorologist Steve Templeton

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