Rewriting Some Records... -

Rewriting Some Records...

Meteorologists keep detailed statistics on just about every weather-related variable you can imagine. On that note, I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of record or near-record numbers that we've experienced recently or will see soon.

First, Tuesday, October 13, 2009, turned out to be the wettest October 13 on record for St. Louis. We recorded 0.80 inches of rain Tuesday, breaking the old record for that date of 0.79 inches set in 1970. We've had much wetter days than that. On August 20 of 1915, St. Louis received 6.85 inches of rain! But, when only considering the specific date of October 13, this was the wettest on record -- an obscure record, but still a record.

Second, we often hear about record high temperatures or record low temperatures, but did you know we also keep track of the coldest highs and the warmest lows for each calendar date? Some of those "coldest highs", or what we meteorologists call record low max temps, could be in jeopardy in the next few days.

Let's review the records, and my forecast...

Record Low Max Temps & Forecast Highs...
October 14: 46 in 1937 (forecast high: 49)
October 15: 45 in 1876 (forecast high: 48)
October 16: 44 in 1966 (forecast high: 51)
October 17: 49 in 1976 (forecast high: 51)

If you compare the records with my forecast, you'll realize that these forecast numbers will not set any new records. However, we'll be close enough that it certainly isn't out of the question.

The underlying theme here is that much of our early- and mid-October weather has been much wetter and much cooler than normal. Average highs this time of year are still close to 70, and I think most would argue... 70 sounds pretty good right now!

Stay tuned... It looks like we might have a few more 70-degree days left in us yet this October.


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