Love Is In the Air -

Love Is In the Air

Cold weather. Warm hearts? The yin and yang of this Valentine's Day. I came into the newsroom today and immediately remembered there would be no paper bag, charmingly decorated with friendly hearts, dried glue, and my name. Yet another reason to long for childhood. Come on...who doesn't remember racing through that paper sack, looking for a valentine from...(fill in the blank). In my case, first was Danny Cooper. I knew it was love the day he pulled a stray string on my yellow sweater and faster than you could say, "See Spot Run," my entire right sleeve lay beside my jumbo pencil. It's the simple things in life.

That was the case then...and it still is. Although a two-hour lunch with an intelligent and kind man ranks right up there with cupcakes and a sack of valentines. Whatever you did today, I hope you took a deep breath and told someone you care...whether you articulated the words or simply demonstrated the sentiment. We hear it all the time: life is short...maybe we just don't believe it. But it's funny how we lived like it when we were kids.

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