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Okay, let me make amends immediately. Disappearing for weeks and then refusing to discuss the change in behavior is so not the way to treat a friend! So, please forgive me. I'd say let's start anew, but new beginnings are often overrated especially in the relationship realm. How about we just pick up where we...I mean, where I left off. I'd give you a hug and a kiss, but can you imagine the talk that'd generate? I'll save that for ratings! Just kidding.

Anyway, where have I been? As my uncle in Florissant jokingly says, "Here, there, and everywhere". Last we spoke, I was moving from the Central West End to downtown. Raise your hands if you've ever moved!!! Isn't it enough to tether you to one spot for the rest of your life? Finally, the boxes have been cleared away, my dish collection is waiting for a party, and I can find most of my clothes. As for the grand piano the movers dropped, it is still being repaired (too painful to discuss in detail...although the company has been very accommodating). Anyway, if you noticed my clothes didn't match on air, there is a reason. The blouse bought with that suit was in the back of my truck hiding under that second row of seats.

Then I took a road trip to Arkansas where I slept for three straight days...waking just long enough to have more fried catfish. When I returned home to Saint Louis, I spent a few days reconnecting with friends, one in particular. After nine days of vacation, it was back to the newsroom and my real world life. The highlight since then: a weekend trip to Kansas City to visit my 18 month-old niece, Piper. She is such a joy. And we adore each other...okay, it's one-way admiration. I can already see in her wide-eyes that she thinks I'm dressed funny and smell like talcum powder!

So, friends, we're caught up on my end. I hope things are going well for you. Let's continue down the yellow brick road, shall we?

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