Cherishing the Children -

Cherishing the Children

Few things in life are more tragic than the loss of a child's innocence. And yet scores are robbed each day. It can result in incalcuable emotional devastation.

Here in Saint Louis, the Crisis Nursery is dedicated to the reparation of young psyches. Thank God for this earthly band of angels. Crisis Nursery operates a series of safe havens for children whose families are swept up up in the pain and disappointment of tumultuous circumstance.

It usually occurs like this: the parents are facing a myriad of adult challenges and choices. Their focus is fragmented and through the cracks, the children to the wild impulses and imaginations of others. Lest you think I exaggerate the horrors visited upon small children, consider this statistic: 48 children are severely abused each day in Missouri. This is why Crisis Nursery provides such a critical service; it offers the grown-ups a place to shelter the children while they regroup.

Over the weekend, Crisis Nursery held its annual fundraiser. The donors were extraordinarily generous. Yet there is always room for more assistance. If you would like to donate, you can mail a contribution to:

Saint Louis Crisis Nursery
6150 Oakland Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63139

But more importantly, if you would like to shield the precious heart of a child, remember there is a place that will love, protect, and cherish her until her parents can find their way back to that role. The helpline number is (314) 768-3201.

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