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Whistle While You Work

Top of the work week to you! How's the job? No. Really. Do you feel good about the work you're doing? If you can, separate the tedium from the tasks associated with almost every post and remember the first job you had where you were paid for your work.

While you're revisiting the early days of your resume, there are thousands of teenagers in Saint Louis who are trying to start one. They are looking for a summer job. And the mayor of Saint Louis is inviting us to help them find one.

Mayor Francis Slay is launching an employment effort called, quite simply, "The Mayor's Youth Summer Jobs Initiative." The goal is to hire up to one thousand teenagers for the summer months, and he is partnering with local businesses and the Regional Chamber and Growth Association.

You know, I developed an appreciation for country music, sitting in a radio booth about the size of the interior of an extended cab pickup. I was a weekend d-j at KAMD-AM/FM in Camden, Arkansas for several summers (actually my junior and senior years of high school). I chose the songs, read the news, and made the coffee. That job made me the woman I am today! I learned to live on a budget, how to steer clear of the malcontents, and a strong work ethic is directly proportionate to your bottom line.

But enough reminiscing on my part and yours, both of us probably need to get back to work. In the meantime, let's think about how we can introduce a teenager to the
world of work. The mayor's office would love to hear from you.

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