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Picture Perfect

What a lovely day in our midwestern neighborhood! Picture perfect, wouldn't you say?

I spent some time today talking to a friend who is a critically-acclaimed photographer here at home and nationally. His reputation is built on capturing the moments our memories might neglect to record. And his work is sheer artistry.

Wedding photos are the bread-and-butter of most photographers' portfolios. Those pictures are the ones most of us keep high on the shelf, safe in a leather-bound scrapbook. But our lives are filled with other good times we would enjoy reliving. So why do we wait until the wedding, the baby birth, or the graduation to take picture? How about today?

Last year, the Grace Hill community organized a photography exhibit. Neighbors were given cameras to take snapshots of each other, their favorite sites, a scene that caused them to pause during the mad rush of their day. A panel of judges, myself included, selected the pictures that resonated with us. My favorite sits in my office. It was taken by a little boy who snapped a photo of his dad changing a flat tire. The mundane elevated to the memorable.

This weekend I am going to visit my parents. The camera is already packed. And I am promising myself not to wait for the next tragedy to drag out the scrapbooks and even that shoebox that contains so much of my life. Nor am I going to wait for the next "big thing" to add a new picture.

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