Fit After 40 -

Fit After 40

I miss the Tamm Overpass. And without the pedestrian bridge, the interchange at
I-170 and highway 40 looks like the guy who decided to get rid of his mustache after 30 years! In case you missed it, there's a major construction project underway in our area.

For months, there have been reports warning us about the enormous headaches associated with the new Interstate 64 project. Most of us who use 64/40 regularly have mapped out our detours. And we...albeit greatly inconvenienced...are not losing our homes like some of the residents in Richmond Heights. Nor do most of us own businesses that will be impacted by rerouted traffic.

No, the majority of us will have to find new ways to keep our old routines intact. I mean, how will I get to Target at Brentwood Plaza? Does this mean my love affair with the black tea at Trader Joe's is going to be shorter than most of my infatuations? And will the only mall walkers at Galleria be those who can spend most of the day getting there?

In the end, all of us will benefit from this project: more lanes, a better designed interchange, and a new highway system that matches our growing sense of regional revitalization. It is going to be challenging...but just you watch, this town of ours will be even more fit after 40! And I will have figured out every possible way to get to my favorite places and discovered a few new ones as well.

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