Downtown Conversion -

Downtown Conversion

It's been two months to the day since I moved downtown, and can I just tell you that I love it! Yes, there are still a few boxes that need to be unpacked; most of my mail is decorated with those yellow stickers from the post office redirecting it to the new address; and, the ice maker in my apartment is not working (I think it's operator error). But those are minor concerns.

On the other side of this update: I found a hair salon mere blocks from home. It took less time for me to walk to Busch Stadium for the game last Thursday than it normally takes to get a hotdog and coke at concessions! And this might be the smartest thing I've done since my deision to move to Saint Louis: I am energized again.

We reported last week that the population of downtown increased by about a thousand residents in 2006. I wanted to cheer, but as you know, that is not allowed during a newscast. In fact, if I am doing my job well, you're never quite sure how I feel about an issue. You can speculate, but the voice, the facial expressions, the comments should almost always be neutral. After all, you're plenty smart enough to hear the facts from us (and other news outlets that you might consume, i.e. periodicals, network cable, newspapers, etc) and form your own opinion. But on this one topic-- downtown living -- can we break form in the name of our evolving friendship? It's my opinion that downtown Saint Louis is making a comeback and it's the real deal this time.

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