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We Are All Welcome Here...especially Mothers

I am going to take a break from my pity party long enough to wish my mom and all of the other mothers a special day on Sunday. Motherhood is a club I have long yearned to join. And at 41 just about anything close to baby activates my tear ducts.

This has been a three-hanky week. I have read the absolute best book about a mother's love. The title is "We Are All Welcome Here" by Elizabeth Berg. It is a fictionalized account of a true story. And at the heart of this page turner are Paige Dunn and her daughter, Diana. Paige is a quadraplegic, having contracted polio while pregnant with Diana. Paige's husband leaves her when the baby is born and against all odds, Paige raises the child. Her sole assistance comes from her caretaker, an African-American woman named Peacie. The year is 1964, and there is not a Civil Rights Act nor is there protection for Americans with disabilities. They are struggling to live in a tumultuous time. But Paige Dunn is a survivor, and she and Peacie school her daughter in the art. Diana is not a willing student, but as anyone who has a determined mother knows, those women can craft victory from scraps.

And so on this Mother's Day, I would like to thank Pearlie (Mae) Newton for her determination. She still has some tweaking to do on me, and I admit she's been right far more than I have told her. Are pantyhose a must in church during the summer months, I am not so sure. But is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Yes. Should you read books, magazines, and the labels on cans when in a pinch? Absolutely. Will your Sunday roast melt in your mouth if you braise it and then let it cook slowly for several hours? No question. Must you taste your words before you speak? Yes, because it is nice to be nice. And, do you have to do the right thing even when no one sees you? By all means.

We don't always tell our mothers how special they are. But where would you be without her? Don't wait until you are... to realize it. Send the card, wrap the gift, sit down for brunch. Now, if you don't mind, Pearlie's daughter is going to shed a few more tears...for the gift of a cherished mother and the wish to be one.

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