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Full Circle

My two favorite people will be in town this week. And this is a trip they could make in their sleep! I can tell you right now...my dad will load the car around 4:30 a.m.; my mom will pack their favorite snacks; and at 5:00 a.m. the car will ease out of the garage, headed for Saint Louis. No flights...my dad figures a car doesn't have very far to fall.

They're traveling by themselves this time, meeting me in Saint Louis for the Women of Achievement Luncheon where nine other women and I are being recognized for our volunteer work. It will be a special day for us.

I was three years old the first time my parents brought me to Saint Louis. We had come to town to see my dad's sister who married a Saint Louisan. They lived in an apartment on Holly in north Saint Louis. Decades later, some things have changed: my aunt and uncle moved to the suburbs, and now when I am in Saint Louis, most of my time is spent working instead of eating snow cones at the zoo. The Arch still amazes me, and the area holds my imagination just as it did the first time
I visited. But now I am not merely a visitor, it is home.

On Tuesday, I will hear about a group of women who believe in our community and devote much of their time and energy to making it better for all of us. From Ruth Smith to Sunny Glassberg to Jean Martiz Hobler, their combined efforts and the work of the Women of Achievement honorees dating back to 1955 help shape this place where we live. How they came to Saint Louis, I hope to hear on Tuesday. I arrived by way of two people who believed in family and road trips. So glad they did.

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