Lasting Impression -

Lasting Impression

I was out-of-town a few days ago, visiting a friend who lives in another town where the boys of summer are rock stars, and the area known as the Green Monster is as recognizable as the Arch.

It was my first time at Fenway Park. What a place! As these things go, the conversation invariably turned to, "So, where do you live?" Knowing I was about to speak a language most Bostonians would easily understand, I proudly replied "Saint Louis". It was my key to the city. The door opened and I walked in on the winning legacy of the Cardinals...the 2004 World Series, notwithstanding. Not a single Red Sox fan lauded their convincing win. Instead, each talked at length about the hospitality and class of Cardinals fans. It made me proud.

You know how it is when you someone says something good about one of your friends? You can't wait to tell them what an impression they made. And so, here it've got style, Saint Louis, and they're still talking about it out East.

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