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Happy Birthday

Remember your 30th birthday? I really don't, but there's a picture of me in an ill-fitting, off-the-shoulder chiffon blouse with matching palazzo pants (very similar to those M.C. Hammer wore back in the day)! It's good to save mementoes of that sort, they keep you humble.

But at 30, if you're an internationally-recognized outdoor museum, remaining modest is about as challenging as erecting a 20 foot-sculpture of steel girders! Yet, Laumeier Sculpture Park has done it. Perhaps, that explains why more and more Saint Louisans are now falling in love with this artful ingenue. And after its 30th birthday bash, suitors are stumbling over themselves to get in the queue.

Picture this: a glass tent...so you can see the little stars twinkle. Tables wearing black and accessorized with candlelight and sculptures donated by some of the most well-known artists. The food is delicious, the music sublime, and the guests elegant. Wish I could redo my 30th bash!

In 1968 Matilda Laumeier donated 72 acres to Saint Louis County; it was a gift she offered in memory of her husband, Henry. Seven years later, the land became a sculpture park. Today it is close to 100 acres of exhibits, contemporary sculptures, drawings, paintings, and photography related to the outdoors sculpture programs. The Park features the famous and soon-to-be. And it is just waiting to host your fall stroll!

When I turned 30, my eyes were already taking a peek at what 40 might hold. Scuplture Park's are no different. An artist has been selected to redesign parts of the park, and they're saving photos of this cultural kid at 30. Wonder how they'll feel then about the now? Here's a hint: aging gracefully...simply needed a fresh look.

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