The "Big" Thing To Do -

The "Big" Thing To Do

I hope you're reading this on a day when you're feeling benevolent: the boss hinted at a pay raise, you found a parking space close to your destination, and last year's skirt fits this year's body. If you're looking to share the success, follow me.

Missouri's oldest and largest one-to-one mentoring organization needs your help. Big Brothers Big Sisters is eager to provide a mentor for every child who wants and needs one. And hundreds of children are on a waiting list for a mentor. The child is known as the "little" and you would be the "big". Your warm heart would like some cold-hard facts about the large impact being "big" can have on a child? A public policy firm determined that young people who were matched with a Big Brother/Sister were 52 percent less like to skip school; 46 percent less likely to start using drugs; and 33 percent less likely to engage in violent behavior.

In November Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri will honor one of its most outstanding supporters. The event is called the Legacy Awards, and I am honored to emcee the event for a second year. It is an organization I have believed in for many years. When I was a rookie reporter in Kansas City, I was a Big Sister. Between covering fires, trials, and elections, I went rollerskating, baked pizza, and read books with my little. Years later, instead of having one Little, I will introduce you to a number of children who would like for you to be BIG. We, at KMOV, are excited about telling the Big Brothers Big Sisters story.

We'd love for you to join the family, too. If not today, then some day soon when all is going well in your world, and you'd like to see the same in someone else's.

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