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Top Ten

Santa Claus has yet to make his jolly way down the chimney, and I have already closed the book on 2007. Oh, of course, I will still enjoy trimming the tree Christmas Eve with my parents, my brother and his family, plus a few special friends. Christmas Brunch at my Kansas City friends' home, Lisa and Herb Hardwick, is as much a part of the holiday for me as gingerbread and eggnog. And shopping the after-Christmas sales gives me the kind of adrenaline rush I only experience when I'm having a good hair day, wearing my baddest jeans, and just so happen to run into that nice, handsome, smart guy my mother's been praying for me to meet! But, as for's been five months too long!

That's why I am dreaming of a fabulous 2008! Filled with love, peace, and glad tidings. Part of my excitement can be traced to my history: even-numbered years tend to be better for me. No kidding: I was born in an even-number year, got my first car in one, graduated from high school two years after that, moved to Saint Louis in 2002, and gifted myself with a retirement home in one. I am optimistic about what the future holds...starting in a mere matter of days!

I am even (no pun intended) working on my list of Top 10 goals for 2008.

10. Learn to knit. (Inspired by the book, The Friday Night Knitting Club)
9. Become an extraordinary baker.
8. Make Spanish my second language and salsa my new dance
7. Read three books a month
6. Host a dinner party once a month
5. Produce a documentary for entry in a film festival
4. Play piano at Powell Symphony Hall
3. Take a trip, at least, once a quarter
2. New makeup so even (there's that word again) in HDTV I can continue working
1. Find the quickest routes to points west of downtown due to the 64/40 Highway Project

And I suppose, I should also vow to remember every day is a GIFT...even when things seem a bit odd. Happy New Year!

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