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Where Does the Time Go?

Hi, there...remember me? Please say you do...even if you are asking, "Where have you been?" Working on my 2008 goals. There's already been one vacation, close to three books read, and ask me how to get around the new I-64 project. No baking, yet...and my spanish is still muy mal. But 11 months remain. That said, January is only days from being a mere memory.
It is going to be hard to stay focused on the outlined goals. This is an election year, and I love politics! Now, don't get excited, this is a blog...not a booth where I'll reveal my choice for the next President of our country on election day. Missouri and Illinois weigh in on this exciting race on Super Tuesday, February 5. We will have complete coverage on Newsfour at 10...if the news begins and my jacket and mike are askew, it's because I have just wrested myself from the television network and internet coverage of all of the states involved in Super Tuesday.
That's less than two weeks from now, and I'll be in touch before then.

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