Super Poll -

Super Poll

It's only Monday, and what a week!
I'm still trying to get the buffalo wing stains out of the blue jeans I wore to a Super Bowl party, and it's already time to put on my two-piece "news anchor" uniform for its political cousin.
Tomorrow is the super poll...the survey that counts! The pundits, politicians, and prognosticators will have to hit pause in their spiel and listen to you, the voter. Missouri and Illinois along with 22 other states will hold primaries. An historical turnout is expected.
With the Democrats selecting 40 percent of their delegates and Republicans more than half, this could be considered the two-minute warning before "halftime".
It has been an exciting season with some seasoned veterans taking the national political field and at least, one rock-star rookie who grew up in these parts. Each team is displaying defensive and offensive skills. But, what's a season without some Monday-morning quarterbacking? So who will silence the critics on Super Tuesday? I'm not a betting woman, but if I were, I would choose the one who wants to win the most. It was Eli and the Giants on Sunday. In the super poll, I believe it will be you, the voter. A trip to Disney World, not your prize; but, enthusiastic reclamation of your participation in a government for the people and by the people. And that's really worth cheering for!

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