Meet Me in Saint Louis -

Meet Me in Saint Louis

Good things are happening in Saint Louis. Yes, it's still true: Stella bought Bud. And very few in our city are pleased with her her taste just not her style.

But Saint Louis City, the Cardinals, and Baltimore-based developer Cordish have found common ground. Luckily, they're going to meet in the middle of that two year-old crater across from Busch Stadium. When the dust clears, there will be 600,000 square feet of retail, office, and entertainment space...anchoring six acres of a long-awaited downtown comeback.

Looking for an immediate sign of success: "Live Off the Levee"...the series of summer concerts. In years past, it was "Live On the Levee"; that was before sustained rains pushed the Mississippi River over the edge. Faster than you could say, Joss Stone, the city repositioned the series in the center of town at Soldier's Memorial. Like they say in showbiz, "The show must go on"! And it did.

I spent last Saturday night with hundreds of my new best friends under a blanket of stars, listening to the ole school favorite, WAR. As the summer evening "slipped into the darkness", it was clear the city had struck gold with its concert. The night ended with fireworks and the sense the fuse is being lit on a celebration of downtown Saint Louis.

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