Free At Last! -

Free At Last!

What were you doing in 1984? That was the year the first Apple Macintosh was sold; Richard Petty won his 200th career NASCAR victory; and President Ronald Reagan and Vice-President George H.W. Bush were renominated at the Republican National Convention in Dallas.
In Saint Louis a 22 year-old man was unknowingly living his last days of freedom...for a very long time. His entire life changed in a matter minutes, accused of killing another man. The trajectory of Darryl Burton's life seemed headed for an abyss surrounded by barbed wire.
The case wound through the judicial system, and Burton was convicted of capital murder, sentenced to prison. For 24 years, it was a crime he denied committing. Last week, a judge set Burton free, saying Burton had a "flawed trial".
Darryl Burton returned to a world where Apple now makes telephones. NASCAR may be the fastest growing sport; and, the son of George H.W. Bush is the President. Oh, and for the first time in history, a Black man is the Presidential nominee for a major political party. The world is much different than it was when Burton's life took such a dramatically tragic turn.
Most of us would probably be consumed with righteous anger. Not Burton...who says there are no winners in this case. The family of the man murdered has not had any peace or justice. And he, wrongly imprisoned, hasn't either. His serenity did not come overnight, he says. But it took years and a faith conversion for him to arrive at the point of forgiveness.
Pearline Burton, his mother, says her son told her for years he was coming home. And her only wish was to be alive when he did. When he came home last week, unannounced, she was stunned! Her prayers had come true. And so had those of her son...prayers uttered for 24 years from behind the cinder block walls of a prison.

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