Season of Change -

Season of Change

You probably feel it, too. There's a seasonal change underway in Saint Louis. The weather is cooler, the days shorter, and the flip-flops getting harder to find. But this city is undergoing a figurative metamorphosis as well.

Start at the city's most eastern point: the Riverfront. And you'll discover what Saint Louis, New York City, and Bora Bora have in common. The city is home to one of the 79 Four Seasons hotels in the world!

The man who founded the luxury hotel chain knows a thing or two about transformations. His personal story includes a set of bootstraps. Issy Sharp started his career, not in the hospitality business, but wearing a hard hat as a construction worker.

Today, he is touring his Saint Louis property run by General Manager Thierry Kennel and preparing for the opening of the Four Seasons hotel in Seattle. If you haven't been to the Four Seasons, it's quite the addition to the city's skyline. And it arrives at a time when Saint Louis is attracting investors who know a thing or two about chance and change.

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